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LED Lighting is efficient and energy-saving. Powered by light-emitting diodes (LED), these illumination solutions have evolved to be the primary choice for homes and offices, as well as for commercial spaces and outdoor lighting.

Eveready has been serving the lighting needs of industries for generations. Enhanced with the latest innovation and technology, our range of professional LED lighting solutions is 'Brilliantly Efficient' and finds use far and wide.

Modern lifestyle has increased the need for illuminating outdoor spaces correctly and efficiently. Eveready Outdoor LED lighting is versatile. Eveready Outdoor LED lighting not only looks fantastic but is also durable and weather-proof. Eveready LED lighting provides a wide range of outdoor lighting luminaires to meet various lighting needs that blend with urban infrastructure. Our entire range of LED outdoor lighting has a high lumen output and produces more light per wattage of power used. These high surge protection luminaires are suited for robust environments with IP protection. The longer life of LED lighting will cut down the maintenance cost as compared to conventional lighting. Improved optical control ensures better spread of light. We offer an extensive range of Street Lights, Flood Lights and Landscape Lights making the streets, pathways, walkways, gardens, and by-lanes effectively lit, thus making them more secure. Eveready provides the range of outdoor lighting products to help you illuminate outdoor spaces, in the right & efficient way. Here are some projects that we are proud to be associated with.

Pride Projects

Project Name Place Product Used Product was used at Customer Requirement Result
Purvanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. PVVNL (Kumbh Mela) Lucknow 110W & 170W Streetlights 15000 nos. Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj They wanted energy efficiency, soothing white light , even light distribution and prompt service Eveready LED lights enhanced the look of the Kumbh mela along with the secured streets with good illumination. Eveready streetlights are providing soothing white light and have low operational costs as compared to the conventional lighting solutions. Satisfied with the Eveready LED lighting and the way the team has executed this project. People are feeling safer with Eveready LED streetlights.
South Central Railway Guntur 60W Citylite Mini Streetlight Guntur Railway Station Good Lux Level 45 Lux at floor level at pole height 6mts was delivered which was good.
MG Medical College Jaipur 20W PC Batten, 2x2 Masterlite, 90W, 60W and 45W Citylite, 350W Performax H Balcony, Lobby, Periphery, High Mast, Office We wanted to upgrade the lighting of our hospital  
Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Ltd. Namrup, Assam 30W Streetlight Operational Area and Housing Complex Soothing environment and well illuminated roads for safety Enhanced environment and well lit up roads
Bissie Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. Makali, Bangalore, Karanataka 200W Highbay Perforbay- 190 Nos 90W Street Light Citylite Mid- 30 Nos 72W Street Light - 20 Nos INSTALLED AT 12MTRS HEIGHT BAY WORKING SHED ,LUX LEVEL  MAINTAIN AT 400LUX They wanted good illumination and technical after sales support Illumination received was very good and appreciated. They received the technical guidance as and when it was required regularly.
Cantonment Area, Ministry of Defence Assam and West Bengal 300W Flood Light Performax High Mast Better Lighting level and uniformity was required. As it is heavy rainfall area in Siliguri and rest of the North East India, so better IP protection was required. Good Product quality with better Ingress Protection. They received better illumination and better uniformity.
Paro Stadium Bhutan Bhutan 400W FL Performax-H Football Stadium They were facing the problem of spill over of light outside the ground and non-uniform lighting. Lighting level was also not as per the sports lighting level. Achieved as desired
Chetan Anand Academy Hyderabad 300W Performax S Floodlight Cricket Stadium 200lux on field and 500 lux on pitch was required Result achieved as desired
Indian Immunologicals Ltd. Hyderabad Cleanrooms Laboratory Better illumination with productive environment was desired Achieved results as desired
PWD Delhi Delhi 120W SL and Pole Zebra Lighting High specialised vertical and horizontal illumination was required on the pedestal crossing compared to the surrounding lighting which was a tough task to achieve. Able to achieve desired illumination level with zebra demarcation. Maximum positive contrast was achieved with respect to the surrounding

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