To be eligible for warranty,

online registration needs to be done within 1 week of purchase.

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This is the only a registration form, to raise a claim within warranty period please write to us on our registered email id

The criteria for acceptance of warranty claims are given as under:

a) Date of manufacturing is less than 9 Months or 6 months from date of purchase, whichever is earlier

b) Products are inoperative

c) Products are not tampered or damaged or broken physically

d) Products are not of other brands

e) LED indicators are not working and rest of the product working and vice versa.

f) LED light not functional in case of PowerZap Pro & Lithium Power 2-in-1 model.

g) Racquet mesh is not working

h) Charging USB port not working in case of Lithium Power 2-in-1 model and Charging plug not working in case of Powerzap Pro model

In following cases products will not be considered for warranty claim –

a) Physical Damage to product

b) In case warranty seal has been tempered or broken

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