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LED Lighting is efficient and energy saving. Powered by light emitting diodes (LED), these illumination solutions have evolved to be the primary choice for homes and offices, as well as for commercial spaces and outdoor lighting.

Eveready has been serving the lighting needs of industries for generations. Enhanced with the latest innovation and technology, our range of professional LED lighting solutions are 'Brilliantly Efficient' and finds use far and wide.

Eveready LED lighting is the perfect solution for your lighting needs whether it is a corporate office or a commercial space. Adorned with Eveready’s commercial LED Lights, your workspace is bound to be transformed into a gracefully illuminated space. Eveready LED lighting has diversified products to complement each and every type of space from massive conference rooms to compact cabins. The products are energy-efficient, glare free, and are eco-friendly.

Efficiency is the key to commercial success in every establishment, and only a workspace with efficient lighting can produce desirable results. Lighting goes a long way towards ensuring workplace productivity. An ideal lighting condition in a working environment drives health and well-being of employees. Contemporary workplaces with exclusive sections dedicated to specific activities include - workstations, canteens, conference rooms and more. Eveready luminaries are designed to meet the above requirement keeping efficiency at its core. Our commercial lighting range offers smart control that allows users to adjust, dim and brighten the luminaires according to their individual needs.

Today we are a one stop destination for wide range of products designed to meet the evolving needs of the customers. Our indoor commercial lighting range can be used in offices, conference rooms, IT industry, BPOs, hospitality sectors, commercial complexes, banks, retail stores, museums, railway platforms, schools, restaurants, etc. For a relatively new venture, Eveready lighting has already earned a name for itself by ensuring quality and on-time service. Here are some projects that we are proud to be associated with.

Pride Projects

Project Name Place Product Used Product was
used at
Customer Requirement Result
Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow Downlighters & battens Office Good light output and performance was required Got the result as desired
Ocean Sparkle Ltd. Hyderabad 30W Aristocrat Linear Recessed Lights, 36W Masterlite Executive, 20W Easylite Batten, 18W Vistralite Downlights Ocean Sparkle Corporate office We wanted a lighting solution which looks aesthetically good and is also energy efficient. We were able to reduce our energy consumption.
Schindler Mumbai Linear Lights Recess & Suspended Office area Aesthetically good and energy efficient lighting Could reduce energy consumption by almost 50%
MG Medical College Jaipur 20W PC Batten, 2x2 Masterlite, 90W, 60W and 45W Citylite, 350W Performax H Balcony, Lobby, Periphery, High Mast, Office We wanted to upgrade the lighting of our hospiital  
Essentra India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 6P6A608RA36 MASTERLITE ULTRA 150NOS ESSENTRA OFFICE Better illumination Good product quality and good illumination
Apollo Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu 2x2 Masterlite 36W Office area High lux level and energy saving They got power saving and the illumination level was also good.
State Bank Of India Faridabad, Haryana 36W MASTERLITE ULTRA 15W PRO SERIES Branch office Good work environment The result was achieved as desired.
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. MUMBAI MATERLITE HE- LEDPLB03616-02HE, Easylite Al Batten, Floodlight Permax S, Perforbay Office area (Masterlite HE), Factory (Highbay), Assembly Unit Table (Batten), Floodlight (Highmast in lawnn) They wanted to minimise the qty of the luminaires as they were having conventional fittings. They were also facing the lux level problem and glare issue. With Eveready LED fittings they got glare free and better illumination in less number of luminaires
Piramal Swasthya Management & Research Institute Hyderabad 2X2 Masterlite Ultra, 1X4 Masterlite Executive, 12W Downlight, 20W Batten Administrative and healthcare area Reduce electricity bill and create soothing work environment Enhanced work environment, Good light quality with energy efficient products which helped to achieve our desired requirement.
Reliance Industries India td. Mumbai 6000 nos. 2X2 Masterlite Office area Create better working environment with uniform lighting and less energy consumption Supply and Installation was done in time as was desired with uniform light output.
TASKUS (It's a Philippines based company into international outsourcing) Indore Customised Linears, Suspended decorative luminaires Office area Create aesthetic ambience Primarily Linear suspended luminaries in multiple lengths alongwith suspended cylindrical fixture were used in this project. Customised solutions were provided and customer was happy with the outcome.

Installations - Our Pride Projects

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