The Birth

Emerging as the Epitome of Energy and Excellence
Energy and Excellance
Launch of the iconic
Give Me Red campaign
Give me a red campaign

The Power of Red

For a billion Indians, ‘Red’ is much more than a colour. Red is an emotion. It stands for passion and power, dynamism and action, being ready for anything and everything. Most importantly, it stands for infinity and beyond. The Cat-O-9 logo itself bears testimony to the same, symbolising the limitlessness of a cat’s nine lives. Our very motto is to bring energy into homes and hearts, through our batteries and other products. In other words, we are in the business of infusing life into lives.

Today, Eveready is not just a company, it is a way of life. We thank you, India, for giving us the chance to be your power partner, time and time again. As always, we look forward to powering your dreams and ambitions to build a brighter tomorrow.

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