Eveready Lighting presents Professional Lighting Solutions that are ‘Brilliantly Efficient’. Our range of Professional Luminaires are best suited for industrial, commercial and outdoor applications, making spaces brighter and more functional. The entire range is very powerful, modern, durable and most importantly energy-efficient.

Eveready professional lighting solutions

Brighter and more functional workspaces

Productive. Efficient. Safe.

Well-lit commercial spaces are far more productive and safe as compared to dimly illuminated workspaces, factories and offices. In fact, lighting is the most important aspect of any industrial area. Assembly lines, warehouses, process areas and commercial complexes are considered high precision working environments that need the highest quality of lighting. Eveready is one of the biggest player of industrial, outdoor and office lighting systems and our entire range of Professional Luminaires is specially designed to ensure bright illumination in vivid working conditions.

The Eveready Advantage

Choose Eveready and make illumination an integral part of your organisation’s success. We’ll take care of the lighting, so you can take care of business.

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