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Zinc carbon batteries were the first commercial dry cell batteries. The ability of zinc carbon batteries to function in any orientation helped in the development of various portable devices like flashlights and radios. These batteries have a long shelf-life which allows them to retain charge for lengthy durations even when left unused. Catering to all kind of needs, Eveready's zinc carbon batteries come in a wide range of sizes AA, AAA, D, C & 9V.

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With decades of experience and expertise in the battery segment, Eveready’s Zinc Carbon Battery are considered one of the best battery for remote controls, clocks, small toys, flashlights etc. lasting longer and saving cost.

A remote battery or flashlight battery, for instance generally do not drain out very quickly. This is because such devices like remote controls, clocks, small toys and flashlights generally consume less energy than other high drain devices. If one is looking to buy a reliable, highly durable and reasonably priced pencil battery for remote control or a D size battery for their Jeevan Sathi Torch or any such low energy consuming device, Eveready Zinc carbon battery would make the best choice.

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