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LED Lighting is efficient and energy saving. Powered by light emitting diodes (LED), these illumination solutions have evolved to be the primary choice for homes and offices, as well as for commercial spaces and outdoor lighting.

Eveready has been serving the lighting needs of industries for generations. Enhanced with the latest innovation and technology, our range of professional LED lighting solutions are 'Brilliantly Efficient' and finds use far and wide.

Light is becoming increasingly important in the industrial sector. Eveready provides LED Lighting solutions for the industrial use. The heavy-duty work carried out in industries requires lighting solutions that are ergonomic, efficient, and economic in nature. Eveready’s industrial lighting solutions are designed to deliver maximum light output with low energy consumption. Besides, they also help in enhancing employee productivity, building positivity, and promoting workplace safety. Our brilliantly efficient industrial LED lights are safe, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and offer a conducive working environment for your workers. Here are some projects that we are proud to be associated with.

Pride Projects

Project Name Place Product Used Product was used at Customer Requirement Result
Hero Eco Tech Ltd. Ludhiana 150W Highbay & 40W PC Batten Industrial Shed They were looking for reducing electricity bills and creating soothing working environment. Working environment was enhanced by energy efficient Eveready products without compromising on the light quality.
Asian Cranes and Elevators Ludhiana 150W & 100W Highbay Production Line & LT Crane Less wattage product with same lighting level to reduce the electricity bill and create soothing work atmosphere Working environment was enhanced by energy efficient Eveready products without compromising on the light quality.
CMRL Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. Tamilnadu Horizalite PC Ultra Station and Underpass Aesthetically Good and Energy Efficient Lighting was required for the underpass lighting. Energy efficient Horizalite PC gave good illumination and also increased the aesthetic value as it has a loop-in-loop-out facility for the larger installations.
LUXOR International Noida, Uttar Pradesh 80W Perforbay 200W Perforbay 40W Horizalite PC Ultra Machine area, Inspection table, Shop Floor They wanted a high lux level with better ingress protection on the platform for the task lighting and good illumination at the shed area as per industry norms for the better performance. They were happy with the IP66 highbay at the work shed and IP65 batten with good illuminance at the task areas and they got the desired results.
Parle Agro Industries Ltd. Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh HORIZALITE PC ULTRA Production area Customer wanted a good illuminance level and bright glare free light for visual clarity. Eveready products provided good illuminance with the right quantity and quality of light.
Bluestar Kala Ambh, Himachal Pradesh 80W LED Highbay Perforbay Industrial Shed They wanted uniform and glare free lighting with energy saving. The result was good illuminace level and glare free light.
Gokul Agro Gadhidham, Gujarat Suprex executive WellGlass & Perforbay II executive Highbay Production area Glare free and uniform light The result was good, customer got uniform and glare free light.
CEAT NAGPUR Perforbay II Ultra & Horizalite PC Ultra Production area They wanted high efficiency, light weight product with good illuminance.  The product quality and illumination is very good.  They are also energy efficient
Godrej Industries India Ltd. Mumbai 150W Highbay 20W Aluminium Batten Production area Customer wanted a good illuminance level and uniform bright light Customer was happy with the result & we are getting the repeat orders
Shree Cement Rajasthan, Karnataka, Chattisgarh (Raipur), (Orissa) Cuttack, Jharkhand 35W Wellglass, 65W Wellglass, 100W SL, 60W SL, 500W FL, 12W,15W,18W Nulite Manufacturing Unit & Corporate Offices They were using 42W in place of 70W conventional fitting. They were looking for less wattage product with the same lighting level They got better illumination level with less energy consumption and better ROI
Shreenath Marble Pvt Ltd. Jaipur, Rajasthan 200W Perforbay II Warehouse High CRI, High Illumination level was required for better glittery look of the stones and bluish tint in the lighting. Result achieved as desired
GLS Film Industries Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana 150 W Highbay Perforbay Warehouse Lighting level was not upto the industry standards Better illumination with good energy saving was achieved
Hi Tech Gears Pvt. Ltd. Bhivadi, Rajasthan 80,100,150W Highbay Factory We were looking for the lighting solutions which offered better light output along with the energy savings and longer life Achieved as desired
Indian Immunologicals Ltd. Hyderabad 60W Bottom opening cleanroom with CRCA Bottom frame & SS bottom frame 45W bottom opening cleanroom Formulation & vaccine process area & Microbiology, QC & QA areas For reactive rooms SS Bottom frame was required & Class 10000 IP65 bottom opening cleanroom luminaries for other areas. Products supplied as desired and customer was satisfied with the overall installation
Dalmiya Bharat Sugar Industries Ltd. Sangli, Kolhapur & Pune, Maharashtra PC Batten Horizalite, Wellglass, Perforbay, Performax Floodlight Factory Eveready lighting solutions for the industrial warehouses and production areas helped us to meet our expectation for better work environment and reduced energy consumption. Better lighting lux level helped to make better work environment and reduced energy consumption

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