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The Next Level of Power

Give Me Red – the three words of our iconic brand campaign that started off describing a battery ended up defining a generation. The words that have built the history of India's biggest battery brand transcended the boundaries of advertising and became a youth slogan: a war cry for power and freedom.

Give Me Red hasn’t been just about the red battery; it is about an attitude, an endless craving for the power to express youthful energy.

Give Me Red still resonates with a generation hungry for everything new and on the move. The iconic brand slogan that has evolved as an epitome of cult branding stands for nonstop life, energy that never runs out and power that unleashes creative freedom.

Give Me Red for the new generation is the Next Level of Power.

25 years of Give Me Red

The Give Me Red Legacy

Our legacy dates back to the mid-eighties when we launched the ‘Laal Eveready’ campaign. 'Laal Eveready' was a first of its type campaign with animated ads featuring transistors play characters based on popular Bollywood stars of that era.

In 1991, keeping pace with the changing times, Eveready was able to strike the right chords with the energetic Gen Next by introducing the Give Me Red campaign.

Over the years, a series of iconic Give Me Red ads have given Eveready the identity it has today, all of them emphatically portraying the Life before and after Eveready... the outcome of GMR.


Give me red

Through our quality product offerings, we want to better people's lives, be it through DigiLED technology in our torches, 100% brass torches or the best in class Lumens/Watt for our LED bulbs range... these are few of the many technological advances brought to India by Eveready.

In its current avatar of Give Me Red - Infinite power meets vibrancy and new age thinking. RED "infinity" symbolises limitless energy, power, enthusiasm and stamina - the very core of the Give Me Red ethos.

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