At Eveready, we believe in nurturing young minds and steering them in the right direction to help them grow into future leaders. The idea is to offer young aspirants the opportunity to be a part of our journey through a well-planned internship program.

Eveready recruits students from premiere engineering and management institutes and inducts them in a program designed to orient them to a panoptic understanding of businesses.

When recruiting, we look for those potential employees with integrity, creativity, team skills and intellectual zeal as they would be trained to be the future leaders who would share the same values and principles that are intrinsic part of the Eveready culture.

Our Management Trainee program is designed to ensure 12-month of on-the-job learning. The trainees get the opportunity to be a part of various projects across multiple locations. During their learning phase, the trainees are supported by mentors who guide them and equip them with the right knowledge and skills required to effectively perform their roles.

Each trainee’s performance and learnings are reviewed every quarter with appropriate feedback before being confirmed as Executives.

Eveready takes in those students from premiere management institutes who are engaged on active projects identified by the company.

These students are given opportunities to experience the actual work life in sales and marketing and are monitored and guided during the internship phase.

The internships enable us to identify exceptional talent from the best institutes in India who have the potential to become the next generation of leaders in Eveready. Students who have performed exceptionally well are provided with Pre-Placement Offers of Employment.

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