The Ultimate choice
For your modern devices

Eveready Ultima Alkaline batteries are ideal for powering up modern-day high-drain devices. Made with advanced turbo-lock technology, Ultima offers best-in-class performance to power-hungry gadgets, allowing them to last longer.

To meet the growing power demand of the modern world, Eveready, India's No 1 battery brand, offers two new powerful battery options: Ultima and Ultima Pro. Eveready Ultima has 400% more power than regular batteries, great for modern devices. Ultima Pro, with 800% more power, is for devices that need lots of energy.

Eveready is committed to deliver longer performance and higher power, tailored to the needs of modern high-drain devices. With Eveready Ultima, you can unleash the maximum potential of your advanced, power-hungry devices.

The Eveready Advantage

  • Professional / Office Use
  • Everyday Use
  • Outdoor Use
  • Portable Medical Equipment
  • battery for wireless keyboard
    Wireless Keyboards
  • battery for wireless mouse
    Wireless Mouse
  • battery for smart lock doors
    Smart Lock Doors
  • battery for digital locker
    Digital Lockers
  • Battery for fire sticks
    TV Voice Remotes
    (Fire Sticks)
  • battery for trimmers and shavers
    Trimmers & Shavers
  • battery for toys and gaming controllers
    Battery Powered Toys,
    Gaming Controllers
  • battery for digital cameras
    Digital Cameras
  • battery for camera flash
    Camera Flash
  • battery for pulse oximeters
    Pulse Oximeters
  • battery for ir thermometers
    IR Thermometers
  • battery for bp machines
    BP Machines
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