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Affordable and durable, Eveready Evergreen Brass and Aluminium Torches have evolved with changing times and continue to remain a popular choice thanks to the quality, performance and cost-effectiveness of these torches.

The Eveready Jeevan Sathi brass torch is truly iconic and a success story in its own right. A trustworthy and constant companion in Indian households in both urban and rural segments through generations, it is reliable and durable.

Particularly popular among the farming community, Eveready Evergreen Brass & Aluminium Torches are great for everyday use by farmers. Adapting to the new times, the Eveready Evergreen Brass & Aluminium Torches are now available in LED technology with superior quality lens that ensure a powerful beam of light that reaches the farthest distance. Eveready Jeevan Sathi torch is available in various wattages with varied battery combinations.

Eveready is one of the most trusted brands in rural India across all product categories, especially flashlights. In its constant endeavour to maximize customer satisfaction, Eveready has always introduced models including its bright and sturdy aluminium torches, that have strong durable bodies, slide switches for easy usage and come in a range of colours.

Key Features

  • Used by Farmers in
  • Ideal during Power
  • Trusted by Night
    Guards/ Watchmen
  • Useful for Commuting
    at Night in Villages
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