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Think Eveready.

Over the decades, Eveready has been a leader in the dry cell batteries segment, with a share of more than 50% in India’s battery market. Our batteries are an intrinsic part of millions of homes, trusted for highest quality and best performance.
Eveready Batteries

Brand Recall

Eveready as a brand is almost synonymous with batteries. We are proud of this trust our consumers have shown in us and strive hard to maintain it. Eveready enjoys one of the highest brand recalls in the country.

Our focus is on adding value through best quality advanced battery products that meet the diverse portable energy requirements of new-age India. From AA to AAA, from D to C size and 9V, we have a wide variety of sizes for every need.

Battery for gaming controllers

We offer, Eveready Ultima Alkaline AA and AAA batteries, which are the most powerful solution for your power-hungry devices. The Eveready Blue batteries are long-lasting value-for-money solutions for your low-drain devices, also we are among the foremost players to foray into the rechargeable batteries segment with intelligent chargers for the batteries to perform exceptionally over a long period of time.

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