Innovation is at the core of our operations and business principles. Thinking out of the box, keeping pace with the global standards of battery manufacturing and leading from the front in offering our customers the best products, we are constantly researching, learning and developing our capabilities.

Our Research and Development Centre is located in the eastern part of India, in Kolkata. This R&D Centre was established in the year 1976 under the leadership of several eminent scientists. Over the years, the Centre achieved recognition under the ‘Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR)’, Government of India.

The Eveready R&D Centre has a fully equipped Chemical and Physical Laboratory, Cell Testing Facility, Pilot Plant and various other latest testing facilities to cater to advanced requirements and develop data for further improvement and trouble shooting.

This modern Laboratory is equipped to test Zinc Carbon Batteries, Alkaline Batteries, NiMH/NiCd Batteries, Lithium Cells, Lead Acid Batteries and Button Cells as per Indian and International standards. This ensures organisation's strength to move forward as market leader, develop techno commercially viable products and innovate in the field of environment-friendly products and recycling of hazardous waste etc.

Manufacturing of a dry cell battery, which is a ready portable source of energy, requires robust Research and Development to ensure standardisation and decide on the suitability.

Did you know, at Eveready, we manufacture dry cell batteries using 30 to 35 raw materials and each of those raw materials undergo 315 to 320 physio-chemical property checks for compliance before the actual manufacturing begins!

During manufacturing, 110 to 120 process parameters are checked and 100% compliance is ensured before a dry cell battery is made.

All the Eveready cells undergo testing for voltage and amperage to ensure there is no defective cells going into the market.

Such stringent processes and parameter checks require a huge data information and process capability. Our R&D Centre is at the forefront, working relentlessly towards meeting all customer needs, new developments, design and artwork changes, physical and chemical specification checks and strict quality audits.

  • Inception: The Flashlights Design and Development Unit was set up in 2001
  • Product Design: The unit designs new products/modes after thorough market research and study of evolving consumer needs. More than 72 designs of flashlights and home lights have been registered as of date including -
    - Aesthetic and Mechanical Design
    - Electronics Design
    - Optical Design
  • Earth Leakage Current Testing

  • endurance Test Chamber Dust Chamber

  • Goniophotometer

  • High Voltage and Insulation Resistance Tester

  • Humidity Thermal Test

  • Humidity Chamber

  • IK Test

  • Integrating Sphere

  • Power Meter and Ac Power Source

  • Rain Test Chamber

  • CTIT Test

  • Rigorous Testing: All Eveready lighting models are tested as a part of the product development process. Testing includes performance testing, reliability testing and material testing as per the highest national and international standards.

    Testing of market samples is also conducted for performance analysis and benchmarking.

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