Integrated with solar panels for
enhanced sustainability

With new-age innovation and awareness about eco-friendly approach towards the future, lighting solutions run by solar energy is a thing of the present. Solar energy is the environment friendly and pollution free, renewable source of energy. Usually mounted at a high elevation, solar street lighting products are powered by durable solar batteries, along with high power LEDs for bright light distribution, and are equipped with sensors for energy efficiency and control. And the good part is no trenching and cabling is required and it is a storable and retrievable form of energy.

Eveready's all in one Solar Street Light is an integration of Solar Panel, LED Light, Lithium Battery, Charge Controller, intelligent PIR Sensor and Aluminium housing. During the day, solar panel converts sunshine energy into electric energy to charge the battery and save the power inside. During the night, the system uses the electric energy saved, to provide lighting for the area.

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Due to continuous technological improvements and design requirements, our products are subject to the up-gradation which may result in change of design, shape, technical data as appearing. Please connect with our authorized dealer or sales person for latest lighting solutions.

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