Integrated Solar Street Light.

  • New generation solar street lights with integrated solar panel and maintenance-free lithium ion phosphate battery
  • Features high efficiency high power LEDs with secondary optics offering precise light distribution and control
  • Housed in an aluminium extrusion body which acts as an excellent heat sink for better luminaire and LED life
  • Enhanced with optional PIR motion detectors for extended battery life during non-peak hours of operation

The Eveready Advantage

  • High Efficiency

  • IP 66

  • IK 08

  • Energy

Product Information

  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Specifications
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  • The lamp is 100% powered by solar and AC electricity Hybrid option is also available
  • The all in one product design is very convenient for installation and transportation.
  • The lamp working/lighting mode can be customized as per our requirements.
  • Most of our models can be controlled by Mobile APP via Bluetooth.
  • MPPT Charge controller is used with high efficiency and stable working.
  • High efficient LEDs with efficacy of >140lm/W at luminaire level
  • Compact Design when compared to old fashion Solar Lights
  • Ease in Installation
  • Aesthetically enhanced product
  • PIR sensor for additional power saving.
  • Aluminium extrusion with anodized finish
  • Polycarbonate diffuser cum lens
  • MPPT
  • LiFePO4 / 12.8V, 30Ah
  • 140lm/W
  • -10℃ to + 50℃
  • Pole mounting / Wall mounting
CODE CAT REF Wattage CCT CRI Luminous Flux (Lumens)
6S57PAEI016 LEDSS016I5-01 16W 5700K >70 2240
On Request LEDSS020I5-01 20W 5700K >70 2800
On Request LEDSS025I5-01 25W 5700K >70 3500
On Request LEDSS026I5-HY 26W 5700K >70 3640
On Request LEDSS030I5-01 30W 5700K >70 4200
6S57PAHF035 LEDSS035I5-01 35W 5700K >70 4900
6S60PAAF040 LEDSS040I6-01 40W 5700K >70 5600
On Request LEDSS050I5-01 50W 5700K >70 7000
6S60PAAH060 LEDSS060I6-01 60W 5700K >70 8400

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Note: Dimension Tolerance is ∓2% and all dimensions are in 'mm'

Due to continuous technological improvements and design requirements, our products are subject to the up-gradation which may result in change of design, shape, and technical data as appearing. Please connect with our authorized dealer or sales person for latest lighting solutions.

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