Enhanced safety and smart sustainability goals for outdoor spaces and roads

When the sun sets down, it is the outdoor lights that keep an entire city functioning.

Outdoor lighting doesn't just beautify a cityscape by highlighting its important buildings like offices, institutes and monuments, it also lends in a sense of security by creating a human friendly surrounding.

Eveready Street lighting, Area lighting and Landscape lighting does all of that and much more by making all kinds of outdoor spaces easily navigable and energy efficient. Our versatile smart outdoor lighting solutions come with high surge protection and are suited to withstand robust environments.

Eveready Lighting Solutions are designed to meet wide range of lighting needs. These luminaires are designed to fulfil the lighting applications of Streets, Pathways, Highways, Periphery Lighting, Lanes, By-lanes and Landscape Lighting.

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  • Street lighting on municipal roads is being digitalized as a part of smart city approach
  • Individual LEDs are weatherproofed and can offer increased visibility

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