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since 100+ years

Eveready has always been the frontrunner in the field of portable lighting solution, with its name being almost synonymous with torches and flashlights for over 100 years. With an in-depth understanding of lighting technology, Eveready has been designing and developing some of the most practical, stylish and innovative range of LED flashlights that have deservedly become part and parcel of every Indian.
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Driven by Innovation

Innovation inspires us and we continuously strive to think differently to offer flashlights that are useful, reliable and last for years. Keeping the customer's need in mind, each torch is designed according to its specific use after thorough market research and consumer feedback.

Our advanced manufacturing facilities, equipped with cutting-edge research and development infrastructure, produce a wide range of superior quality LED flashlights in varied shapes, sizes, wattages, and colours. We were among the first to manufacture the widely popular brass and aluminium torches and introduce our customers to advanced digiLED technology.

Keeping pace with the changing times and embracing the newest of technologies, we constantly upgrade our torch models and continue to bring the best to our customers.

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