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Eveready - the pioneer in batteries and torches - presents Eveready digiLED Portable Lanterns.

Gone are the days when a messy, smelly kerosene lamp or a flickering, weak candlelight, would see you through darkness in times of power insufficiency. Dynamic, novel and handy, the new Eveready digiLED Portable Lanterns are all that you need to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to illumination.

Eveready digiLED Portable Lanterns

Compact in design and perfect to meet all portable lighting needs, the Eveready DigiLED lanterns are a new-age, handy solution gaining immense popularity amongst its consumers. Just how Eveready’s Rechargeable Torches/ Flashlights got its name ‘Kisan Torch’ owing to its vast popularity amongst the farming or kisan community, the DigiLED portable lanterns are also fast gaining a similar stature in the semi-urban and rural areas owing to the reliable, cost-effective and steady illumination that these lanterns offer.

DigiLED lanterns are a welcome device for all those who have either no or limited access to power and need a reliable source of continuous light to go about their day-to-day activities. These lanterns bring to you the convenience of keeping your home lit up even when there is a power cut.

Key Features

  • Eveready General Ambient Light
    General Ambient Light
  • Eveready Kitchen light
    Kitchen Light
  • Eveready digiled portable lantern
    Study Light
  • Emergency use during power outage
    For Emergency Use
    During Power Outage

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