Melas & Fairs 2020Back

India has always been famous for its festivals and fairs; most of the fairs held in India are either religious or a celebration of change of seasons. The major Melas held in India are absolutely mesmerising such as the Kumbh Mela - the largest religious gathering in the world, the famous Sonepur Cattle Fair near Patna, which is the world's largest animal fair, etc.

By participating in these Melas where the visitors are predominantly rural, we get an opportunity to interact with our consumers and get an insight to their likes and dislikes. Other than Eveready, many other prominent brands also participate in such gatherings to attract consumers and boost their brand recall. Such events also serve the platform for companies to introduce their diversified portfolio of categories and products they have in offer for the consumers.

Brands put up the stalls with attractive offers and games to increase the involvement of the consumer with them. Pamphlets, billboards, flexes etc. and all feasible modes of communication are done to make the consumers aware of the brand's presence in the gathering. The biggest challenge for a brand here is to stand out in the clutter of brands present there trying to make an impact.

Eveready has been amongst one of the most active brands participating in these rural gatherings spreading across it brand message very prominently. Apart from stalls, this year to differentiate ourselves from others, we explored various different branding options like camel branding, giant wheel branding, walkers, inflatables, pole branding, dhaba painting, banners, shop branding etc.

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