Performax M.

  • High performance LED flood lights designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions delivering precise light levels at desired areas alongside increased power savings & sustainable performance.
  • LED flood lights for area lighting that are proven to be more efficient than SV/MH flood lights
  • These are LEDs with pressure die-cast housing and secondary optics for better light distribution and control
  • Enhanced with IP66 degree of protection and impact resistance of IK-08

The Eveready Advantage

  • Mercury Free

  • Superior Uniformity

  • Energy

  • IP 66

  • IK 08

Product Information

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Product Ordering Details
  • System efficacy > 120lm/W
  • Single piece of pressure die-cast housing for better heat dissipation
  • Secondary optics for better control over distribution
  • Inbuilt encapsulated potted driver for long lasting trouble free service life
  • Dedicated heat sink for better thermal dissipation.
  • Top opening Separate control gear compartment with potted driver of 5KV & 10KV external surge protection for enhanced safety.
  • PDC housing with black finish
  • >0.95
  • <10%
  • Up to 5KV built in & 10KV external
  • 240V, 50Hz
  • 140V - 280V
  • -10℃ to + 50℃
  • Bracket mounting with cradle
Product Cat Ref. Input Power (W) CCT CRI Luminous Flux (Lumens)
LEDFL150I5-03M 150W 5700K >70 18000
LEDFL200I5-03M 200W 5700K >70 24000
LEDFL250I5-03M 250W 5700K >70 30000
LEDFL300I5-03M 300W 5700K >70 36000

Terms and Conditions apply

Note: Dimension Tolerance is ∓2% and all dimensions are in 'mm'

Due to continuous technological improvements and design requirements, our products are subject to the up-gradation which may result in change of design, shape, and technical data as appearing. Please connect with our authorized dealer or sales person for latest lighting solutions.

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