LED Strip Light.

We offer flexible LED strip lighting perfectly suited for interior and exterior illumination applications. Our LED strip boosts High CRI levels, high lumen efficacy and longer LED life. Perfectly suited to recessed step lighting, cove lighting, furniture accent lighting and linear walkway lighting. Eveready strip lights with class leading performance and best light output for ambient lighting in various environments.

The Eveready Advantage

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Product Information

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  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Product Ordering Details
  • Efficient LEDs for best light output.
  • Uniform light distribution.
  • Packaged in reels for ease in usage/ installation.
  • Flexible PCB
  • 60 LEDs/Meter & 120 LEDs/meter
  • Up to 4 Kv
  • 240V 50Hz
  • 140V - 280V AC
  • 25000
  • -10℃ to +40℃
  • Double side tape
  • IP20, IK02
Ordering Code Product Cat Ref Input Power (W) CCT CRI Case Lot
On Request LEDSTP008I3 8W/Meter 3000K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP008I4 8W/Meter 4000K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP008I5 8W/Meter 2700K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP008I3 8W/Meter 6000K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP012I3 12W/Meter 3000K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP012I4 12W/Meter 4000K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP012I5 12W/Meter 5700K >80 5 Mtr
On Request LEDSTP012I3 12W/Meter 6000K >80 5 Mtr

Due to continuous technological improvements and design requirements, our products are subject to the up-gradation which may result in change of design, shape, and technical data as appearing. Please connect with our authorized dealer or sales person for latest lighting solutions.

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