Eveready unveils digital film ‘Hero Banne Ka Power’ for its Rechargeable Torches, India’s fastest charging torch

Passionate in Marketing- July 21, 2023


Eveready Industries India Ltd., the market leader in the Flashlights category and the dominant player in the Battery-Operated segment has launched its powerful digital film, ‘Hero Banne Ka Power’ featuring Eveready BOOMLITE DL 85, India’s fastest charging rechargeable torch. This compelling film highlights the Boomlite torch’s innovative and exceptional capabilities and celebrates everyday heroes.

The newly launched Eveready film shines light on the unsung bravery of our people and celebrates courageous deeds, because not all heroes wear capes – some carry torches. It tells the tale of two boys immersed in a game of cricket as the sun is about to set. One of them takes a powerful shot, propelling the ball into a dark forest. With no light available, another boy expresses his reluctance to retrieve the ball. In a moment of empowerment, a determined girl, whom the boy did not allow to join the fun earlier, stands up and confidently embarks on a quest to rescue the lost ball using the Eveready rechargeable torch. For her, light is the only might that matters. Guided by the torch’s unwavering beam, the girl emerges from the shadows with the ball in her hand. She saves the day, armed with quick thinking and a rechargeable flashlight. The film ends with the message: Eveready, Hero Banne Ka Power (the power to become a hero). It stands for the brand’s mission of empowering and celebrating everyday heroism.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Eveready BOOMLITE DL 85 rechargeable torch alongside a captivating digital film, ‘Hero Banne Ka Power’. This torch embodies Eveready’s dedication to offer innovative and versatile products to our valued customers,” expressed Mr Anirban Banerjee, Sr. Vice President & SBU Head (Batteries & Flashlights), Eveready Industries India Ltd. “With its exceptional performance, we believe this torch will not only illuminate dark spaces but also ignite a spark within individuals, empowering them to embrace their inner strength and become the true heroes of their own narratives.“, added Mr Banerjee.

“Darkness is not to be feared. It is to be fought and defeated. That’s what most Indians know and do on a regular basis. They dispel the darkness in their own way, armed with resilience and resourcefulness. This new campaign is a celebration of the human spirit, of the never-say-never attitude. Anyone can be a hero. All one needs is power. That’s what Eveready offers. We hope this campaign will serve as a beacon of inspiration for those everyday heroes who make the world a better place.”, said Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy.

The Eveready BOOMLITE DL 85 rechargeable torch is a trusted and powerful lighting companion, equipped with a powerful 1W beam and a 2W emergency side light for optimum brightness. It is pocket-sized for convenience and comes with four lighting modes, including a torch, auto-flasher, side light high mode, and side light dim mode, providing versatility and ease of use. Its fast-charging capability permits it to fully charge in just three hours, making it India’s fastest charging torch, based on in-house tests. Reliable for emergencies and everyday usage, it features a pen clip for easy attachment to shirt pockets and hands-free use. Flaunting ECT technology, it showcases a charging & full-charge indicator, a powerful Li-ion battery and protection against overcharging and deep discharge. The Eveready BOOMLITE DL 85 is available in vibrant colours of red, black, blue, and yellow, boasts a robust ABS plastic body and is priced at Rs. 145/-, making it the most accessible rechargeable flashlight from the Eveready portfolio.

Eveready has championed the frontier of flashlights and has become synonymous with the idea of portable lighting solutions. Its range of battery-operated & rechargeable flashlights is practical, stylish, and tailored to meet a spectrum of household & outdoor needs. From the widely popular brass & aluminium battery-operated torches to a range of superior quality rechargeable torches powered with fast-charging Lithium-ion or heavy duty rechargeable batteries, Eveready flashlights are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colours meeting every consumer’s need at every price point.

The Eveready rechargeable torch range is available for purchase at leading stores across the country. For more information, please visit the Eveready website at www.evereadyindia.com

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