Retail India News: Eveready Unveils Enhanced Ultima Alkaline Batteries with ‘KhelengeTohSikhenge’ Campaign

Indian Retailer - Mumbai- September 29, 2023

Ultima Alkaline battery launch

Eveready Industries India Ltd (EIIL), India's leading battery brand with over 50 percent market share in the battery category, has unveiled its upgraded Ultima Alkaline batteries range with a dynamic campaign titled 'KhelengeTohSikhenge.' Accompanying the campaign is a captivating TVC showcasing the Ultima and Ultima Pro premium alkaline batteries, known for their increased power and longevity.

The new Ultima Alkaline battery lineup includes AA/AAA Eveready Ultima batteries, which boast an impressive 400 percent longer-lasting claim, and AA/AAA/D Eveready Ultima Pro batteries, with a remarkable 800 percent longer-lasting claim, making them the most powerful batteries with Alkaline Technology. These batteries are designed to provide consistent performance across a wide range of modern devices and high-drain applications, such as toys, video games, smart remotes, wireless keyboards/mice, trimmers, and medical equipment.

Conceived by Ogilvy, the campaign aims to redefine the concept of play by emphasizing its importance for children. It shifts the focus from play merely being fun to promoting learning through play, especially with battery-powered toys. The TVC portrays a mother's perspective as her children engage in continuous play with battery-powered toys, highlighting how they learn essential values and life lessons such as friendship, sharing, and compassion. The campaign also introduces the enhanced alkaline battery range - Ultima, offering 400% more power for extended toy and gadget use. This transformation in appearance and capability underscores Eveready's commitment to innovation and power, setting new industry standards.

Anirban Banerjee, Sr. VP and SBU Head (Batteries and Flashlights) of Eveready Industries India Ltd said, "Empowering the present, energising the future - defines the revamped Ultima battery series from the house of Eveready. Its smarter appeal and long-lasting power embodies our commitment to solving emerging consumer needs and innovation. Demanding devices like battery-operated toys, smart remotes, wireless mice, BP machines, etc., require more power. The new and improved Ultima batteries offer 400 percent and 800 percent longer-lasting performance, ideal for high-drain devices. These batteries are equipped with unique Turbolock Technology, preventing leakage and safeguarding consumers' valuable devices from battery-related damage. In line with our vision of responsible innovation, Ultima batteries are eco-friendly, free from Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium. This is more than just a product upgrade; it's a step toward shaping a better tomorrow."

Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy India, commented, "Khelenge Toh Sikhenge" is an empowering platform that encourages looking at playing with toys in a new light. The games children play with their toys have much to teach them, including lessons on partnership, sharing, caring, teamwork, and empathy. Eveready, India's No. 1 battery brand, with its long-lasting Ultima batteries, aims to promote this empowering platform and help every child in India's households learn something new and meaningful every day."

The Ultima Alkaline Battery range includes Ultima (MRP 22) - a pack of 10 batteries and Ultima Pro (MRP 45) - a pack of 6 batteries, featuring Anti-Leak Turbolock Technology for leak protection and device security.

Recently, Eveready unveiled a new logo as part of its strategic brand transformation, symbolizing a future-ready, self-aware brand committed to innovation, trust, modernity, vibrancy, and empathy. The logo draws inspiration from the infinity loop, signifying an endless source of power and energy. With this transformation, Eveready aims to lead high-growth, sustainable, and customer-centric businesses in India, delivering lasting value to all stakeholders.

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