Eveready’s New Alkaline Battery Range Out Now

The Kolkata Mail - Kolkata- October 03, 2023

Ultima Alkaline battery launch
Ultima Alkaline battery launch

Eveready Industries India Ltd introduced their new and improved range of Alkaline batteries.

Mr. Anirban Banerjee, Sr VP &SBU Head(Batteries & Flashlights) Eveready Industries India Ltd, Mr. Suvamoy Saha, MD, Eveready Industries India Ltd, and Mr. Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy India unveiled a New and improved range of Eveready Ultima Alkaline Battery.

The new range of the AA/AAA Eveready Ultima batteries claims to last 400% longer than usual. The AA/AAA/D Eveready Ultima Pro lasts for 800% more. It is the most powerful battery that is equipped with Alkaline Technology.

These batteries can be used in devices like toys, video games, smart remotes, wireless keyboards, trimmers, and medical equipment.

Ultima Alkaline battery launch

The Anti-Leak Technology of these batteries comes with leak protection and ensures that the devices of the users are kept safe and functional.

These batteries are eco-friendly and do not have Mercury, Lead, or Cadmium.

For the promotion of the new range, a dynamic campaign Khelenge Toh Sikhenge was launched. It has been conceptualized by Ogilvy.

The Ultima Alkaline Battery range offers Ultima at Rs 22 and Ultima Pro range at Rs 45.

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