Eveready’s ‘Khelenge toh Sikhenge’ campaign highlights it’s new Ultima Alkaline Battery Range

Afaqs- December 09, 2023


The campaign spotlights how children learn important values and lessons through non-stop play with battery-powered toys.

Eveready has introduced  their new and improved range of Ultima Alkaline batteries through a dynamic campaign called,  'KhelengeTohSikhenge'. The campaign has been unveiled alongside a captivating TVC that showcases Ultima and Ultima Pro range of premium alkaline batteries with increased power and longevity.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign shares a fresh perspective on play – highlighting its importance for children and moving the needle from play being just fun to learning through play with battery-powered toys. Thus, challenging society's existing notion.

The TVC campaign showcases a mother's point of view as her young children play non-stop with battery-powered toys and engage in meaningful ways with those around them to learn important values and life-lessons every single day – like friendship, sharing and compassion. The campaign also unveils the new and improved alkaline range of batteries - Ultima, with 400% more power for longer running toys and gadgets. With a transformation in both appearance and capability, this battery encapsulates Eveready's commitment to innovation and power, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

Vice President & SBU Head (Batteries & Flashlights) of Eveready Industries India Ltd. says, "Empowering the present, energising the future - defines the revamped Ultima battery series from the house of Eveready. Its smarter appeal and long-lasting power embodies our commitment to solving for emerging consumer needs and innovation. Demanding devices like battery operated toys, smart remotes, wireless mouse, BP machines etc need more power. The new and improved Ultima batteries, push our boundaries, with 400% and 800% longer-lasting performance, highly suitable for the high drain devices. The batteries are also equipped with a unique Turbolock Technology which prevents leakage and protects the consumer's precious devices from damage caused by the batteries. As a testament to our vision of responsible innovation, Ultima batteries are eco-friendly, devoid of Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium. This is not just a product upgrade; it's a step towards shaping a better tomorrow."

Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy India says, "Khelenge Toh Sikhenge" is an empowering platform that helps look at playing with toys in a new way. The games children play with their toys have a lot to teach them. Lessons on partnership, sharing, caring, teamwork, empathy and more can be learnt by continuous play. Eveready, India's No. 1 battery with its new long lasting Ultima batteries wants to own and build this empowering platform. And help enable every child in every household across India to learn something new and meaningful, every single day."

Recently, Eveready also unveiled its new logo that marks a strategic brand transformation, forging a future-ready, self-aware brand committed to innovation, vibrancy, modernity, trust and empathy. The new logo reflects inspiration from the infinity loop which transforms into a fluid shape symbolizing an endless source of power and energy. Eveready with its continued aspiration aims to steer high-growth businesses in India that are sustainable, scalable, and profitable, and deliver lasting value for all the stakeholders through excellence, and customer-centricity.

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