Eveready lights up Kolkata with Maa Durga display made of light

Media News4U- November 03, 2023


In collaboration with Ogilvy, Eveready displayed Maa Durga in her radiant form as Goddess of Light.

Eveready Industries India Ltd paid tribute to the Goddess of Light this year through an innovative light and sound display – a Maa Durga image made entirely of lights. Eveready’s Aalor Pujo was conceptualised by Ogilvy and transformed the Maa Durga Idol into a work of art.

The light and sound show was held at 95 Pally Entrance, Jodhpur Park, from 6 pm and 12 am, between October 21, Saptami and October 24, Dashami. As the idol formed, visitors to the pandal could hear the sounds of the dhaak, echoing chants of mantra, with a fog machine adding the feel of dhunuchi . There were six shows every hour, each show lasting five minutes.

Anirban BanerjeeAnirban Banerjee, Sr. Vice President & SBU Head (Batteries & Flashlights), Eveready Industries India Ltd, said, “The festival of Durga Pujo marks the triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura. The victory of good over evil. It’s a time when good conquers evil, light fills our homes, and happiness abounds. With Eveready Flashlights Aalor Pujo, we aimed to create a mesmerising visual spectacle that showcases the rich cultural heritage and vibrant energy of this festival through a grandiose display of light and sound, providing a unique and memorable experience for everyone who joins in the celebrations.”

Sukesh Nayak“The eternal struggle between good and evil finds form in every myth around the world. In Bengal, it assumes the shape of Durga defeating the demon king of darkness. For five days, Bengal worships the goddess of radiance, whose light shines with the dazzle of autumnal glory. Our light idol is a celebration of the true essence of the goddess. It is an homage to the deity of light, powered by Eveready Flashlights – the champion of illumination,” said Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy.

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