Eveready launches new Ultima Alkaline batteries for high-drain applications, devices

The Economic TImes - Kolkata- September 28, 2023

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Eveready Industries India Ltd. (EIIL) on Thursday launched its new range of Ultima Alkaline batteries with an objective to cater modern, high-drain applications and devices, the company said.

The new range comprises of the AA/AAA Eveready Ultima batteries, which present an impressive 400 per cent longer-lasting claim, as well as the AA/AAA/D Eveready Ultima Pro, which boasts a remarkable 800 per cent longer-lasting claim . The company has claimed that it is the "most powerful" battery with Alkaline Technology.

"These batteries aim at delivering a consistent performance across a spectrum of modern devices and high-drain applications which have become more common in recent years such as toys, video games, smart remotes, wireless keyboard/mouse setups, trimmers, and medical equipment," the company said.

Eveready Ultima has been launched through a dynamic campaign – Khelenge Toh Sikhenge. Conceptualised by Ogilvy. It campaign shares a fresh perspective on play – highlighting its importance for children and moving the needle from play being just fun to learning through play with battery-powered toys. Thus, challenging society’s existing notion.

“Empowering the present, energising the future - defines the revamped Ultima battery series from the house of Eveready. Its smarter appeal and long-lasting power embodies our commitment to solving for emerging consumer needs and innovation. Demanding devices like battery operated toys, smart remotes, wireless mouse, BP machines etc need more power. The new and improved Ultima batteries, push our boundaries, with 400 per cent and 800 per cent longer-lasting performance, highly suitable for the high drain devices," said Anirban Banerjee, Sr. VP & SBU Head (Batteries & Flashlights) of Eveready Industries India Ltd.

The Ultima Alkaline Battery range offers Ultima (MRP 22) - a pack of 10 batteries and Ultima Pro (MRP 45) - a pack of 6 batteries, with Anti-Leak Turbolock Technology, reinforcing leak protection and ensuring users' devices remain secure and functional.

Recently, Eveready also unveiled its new logo that marks a strategic brand transformation, forging a future-ready, self-aware brand committed to innovation, vibrancy, modernity, trust and empathy.

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