Eveready Aalor Pujo- An Amazing Visual Spectacle On Durga Puja

Kolkata Mail- October 25, 2023

Eveready Aalor Pujo
Eveready Aalor Pujo

Eveready Industries India Ltd. honored the Goddess of Light with a unique light and sound show featuring a fully lit representation of Maa Durga. By converting the Maa Durga Idol into a luminous work of art, Eveready Aalor Pujo, an inventive visual extravaganza, sought to surpass conventional bounds by honoring tradition while embracing the potential of contemporary lighting technology.

Between Saptami and Dashami, near 95 Pally Entrance in Jodhpur Park, was where the magnificently planned light and sound display took place. Visitors to the pandal could hear the mesmerizing sounds of the dhaak, echoing mantra chanting, as the idol took shape. A fog machine created the feel of dhunuchi, which deepened Durga’s brilliance. Every hour, there were six shows, each lasting five minutes.

When viewed from a specific angle, Eveready Aalor Pujo’s clever use of industrial lighting reveals the Goddess Maa Durga in all her glory and genuine embodiment. The sentiment of the goddess Devi Shakti, who emerged from divine brightness to bring forth the triumph of light over darkness, is mirrored in Aalor Pujo. Eveready gave pandal hoppers a way to fully immerse themselves in Kolkata’s rich cultural legacy by showcasing the festival of Durga Pujo’s cultural significance.

With this innovative project, Eveready skillfully combined technology and tradition. It is a striking example of the harmonious fusion of respect for the past and duty for the future, showcasing the creative potential of fluorescent and industrial lighting.

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