Give me red

GIVE ME RED: Three words that started off describing a battery ended up defining a generation. The words that have built the history of India's biggest battery brand transcended the boundaries of advertising and became a youth slogan: a war cry for power and freedom. Much like Eveready's promise of portable power that sets you free. lt wasn't just about the red battery; it was about an attitude, an endless craving for the power to express youthful energy.

In India, Eveready is synonymous with batteries, so synonymous in fact that it is now considered as a generic common noun.

Eveready has taken the right steps, focussed on delivering quality and accomplished the hard task of building the brand. Today, it is no surprise that Eveready rules the hearts, minds and wallets of people throughout the country. But this position was not achieved overnight by this iconic brand.

In the post-Independence era, batteries were still being produced under a regulated regime and hence demand outstripped supplies. Whatever was being produced could have been sold easily from a few locations BUT for the strategic foresight of Eveready that led to the creation of its wide distribution network across India. Sales team had a mandate to distribute the products deep and wide in the hinterland. Radios and transistors were the only source of knowing the world then, and hence the demand for batteries.

Mid-eighties saw the Laal Eveready campaign, a first of its type in animated Ads having transistors play characters based on popular Bollywood stars of that era. Not surprisingly, Eveready had etched a monopolistic position in the market and continues to enjoy the trust and loyalty of Indian consumers.

In 1991, things began to change. Liberalisation swept through shops, homes and offices changing the consumption patterns. The influence of the West, on the psyche of the youth had started showing. The Gen Next was ready to take charge of their destiny. The idea to rebel was IN. Sports, Music and Speed was gaining currency. Cameras, transistors and Walkman were driving both miniaturisation and personalisation. The need for more power was all pervasive.... Batteries included!

Give me Red campaign launched in the early nineties was again ahead of its time - it brought with it the MTV era into the country. This series of ads gave Eveready the identity it has today - an identity which has been nourished over the years. The Motorbike AD, the ads with Amitabh Bachchan in Red Lounge, the TRUCK series, the Jeevan Sathi ads, the Damdaar ads, the Full-Full Masala campaign, the Light painting ads with alkaline batteries & torches, the Banaye Life Rangeen torch campaign, the light play on buildings with Akshay Kumar & the futuristic play of lights in the last campaign... all emphatically portray the Life before & after Eveready... the outcome of GMR.

Mr. Deepak Khaitan used to say, "if one gets used to light ~ he will never go back to darkness... lets change people's lives"

"Let there be light" these iconic words can very well be used to describe our brand's philosophy. In darkness everything is black and white. In the early nineties, battery powered torches spread light and therefore colour throughout the hinterland of our nation. We are still doing that through our range of lighting products.

GIVE ME RED still resonates with a generation hungry for everything new and on the move.

GIVE ME RED stands for nonstop life, energy that never runs out and power that unleashes creative freedom.

GIVE ME RED for the new generation is the Next Level of Power.

Quote by Mr. Amritanshu Khaitan:

"EVEREADY the brand, became synonymous with power and energy. A brand which understood the needs of young Indians and spoke their language. Over the years, consumer experience with Eveready products has also made it a trustworthy, reliable and authentic brand."

Quote by Mr. Anil Bajaj:

"Give Me Red stands for a lot of things, but one that resonates most with Eveready is that it fills people's lives with colour, with happiness and with optimism. Give Me Red stands for the way life is better after RED. Eveready adds fun, convenience, light, colour and the power to make lives better."

Even today through our product offerings, we want to better people's lives, be it through DigiLED technology in our torches, 100% brass torches, VFRT in CFLs, the best in class Lumens/Watt for our LED bulb range, the unique designs & features in the appliances... are few of the many technological advances brought to India in our endeavour to give cutting edge solutions to our consumers.

Eveready is the only company that lights up India, offering solutions to everyone from Malabar Hills of Mumbai to Jhabua of Madhya Pradesh.

In its current avatar of GMR - Infinite power meets vibrancy and new age thinking. RED "infinity" symbolises limitless energy, power, enthusiasm and stamina - the very core of the Give Me Red ethos.

EVER-READY for Everyone, Every day!!!

Disclaimer : Eveready & Give Me Red are registered Trademarks of Eveready Industries India Ltd.