How to choose the right flashlight for camping

Flaslight for camping

If you are planning to go for a camping trip, one of the most essential things that you would need is a flashlight. When you are outdoors at night, your flashlight will be your constant companion and help you navigate easily. To choose the right flashlight that would cater to your needs here are some pointers that would help you decide.

Things to consider

Size and weight of the flashlight

For your camping trip, the options for flashlights can range from a compact torch that can be kept easily in your pocket to portable lanterns that can be hung outside your tent. Eveready has a range of battery operated torches to cater to such requirements, with various wattages and battery options. Light in weight and compact in size it also provides continuous light output for a long time.

Rechargeable options are also available in flashlights and portable lanterns.


Right illumination is very important when choosing a flashlight for use in the dark. If you are looking for a simple reading light or to navigate a dark path a flashlight with 0.5 watt to 1 watt should be sufficient. However, if you want a clear focus with bright illumination, then torches with 2 watt and 3 watt LEDs would be most suited.

Battery Type and Life

Often camp sites have limited or no access to electricity. A flashlight that provides steady illumination for days without having to change batteries would be ideal. Eveready battery operated torches are just the right option with longer battery life. Its powerful, light, trendy and durable body and easy to use features are an added help.

Hope these simple tips have now prepared you to enjoy your camping trip along with Eveready Flashlights by your side.

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