How the right batteries can help your kids enjoy their battery toys more

Eveready kids for battery toys

Kids love battery operated toys – be it educational, musical, interactive or entertaining. Playing with such toys helps enhance their knowledge, motor-skills, imagination and dexterity. Such electronic toys require long lasting power to run efficiently. Choosing the right kind of batteries to power such toys will ensure maximum cost-efficiency, durability and optimal use.

Guide to help you to choose the right battery

Size and Type of the battery

Batteries can be of several types from Zinc Carbon Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries and Alkaline Batteries. They also come in sizes ranging from AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. Remember to check the specifications mentioned in the package on the type and size required for that particular toy. Incorrect battery may interfere with smooth functioning of the toy and may also run out very quickly.

Durability of the battery

Durability of the battery is an important feature to consider. High-power, long-lasting batteries are the best for battery operated toys. High quality batteries ensure longer shelf-life when left unused. Always check battery packaging for features such as power protection guarantee.


For battery operated toys, it is important to ensure that the batteries being used are safe. Leakage of battery fluid poses serious risks. Batteries with an anti-leak protection feature are ideal. Swallowing a battery can cause choking, internal bleeding, and chemical burns. If not in use, batteries should be stored safely away from the reach of children.

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