Perforbay III Executive WB.

  • Circular LED industrial Highbay lighting arrangements
  • Encased in pressure die cast aluminium housing with toughened glass and IP66 protection
  • Available in different wattages for varying application heights to suit specific industrial requirements

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Product Information

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  • Unique designs to minimise heat build-up and help ensure a long life.
  • Less dead weight on industrial truss due to revolutionary light weight design.
  • Potted drivers for zero failures during instances of vibration.
  • Provided with eye bolt and nut with counter pin for ease of installation.
  • Beam Angle - 90 degree
  • Pressure die cast aluminium housing with epoxy black powder coating
  • >0.95
  • <10%
  • Up to 5KV inbuilt and 10KV external
  • 240V, 50Hz
  • 140V - 280V AC
  • -10℃ to + 50℃
  • Suspended mounting
Ordering code Product Cat Ref. Input Power (W) CCT CRI Luminous Flux (Lumens)
6H65PBDR080 LEDHIBAY080I6R-03WB 80W 6500K >70 8800
6H57PBDW080 LEDHIBAY080I5R-03WB 80W 5700K >70 8800
6H57PBDW100 LEDHIBAY100I5R-03WB 100W 5700K >70 11000
6H57PBDW120 LEDHIBAY120I5R-03WB 120W 5700K >70 13200
6H57PBDW150 LEDHIBAY150I5R-03WB 150W 5700K >70 16500

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